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"Who do you help?"

People often ask me who I help as an Integrative Health Practitioner. While I often use my 30 second version to give them an idea, I wanted to do a post to really share in more detail, who I help and how.

I primarily work with women between the ages of 30-55. There are some younger and some older, but that is the majority of my clients. These women have experienced a varying degree of symptoms over the years and have typically been let down by conventional medicine.

Some of the women have never been given a reason or diagnosis for their symptoms and have even been told their tests are normal, yet they still feel bad. Many (including myself) have even been “ghosted” by medical professionals. When the “professional” doesn’t have an answer they eventually stop returning calls, dismiss the symptoms as psychiatric in nature or related to external stress. So not only do the women still feel bad, they are made to feel crazy and dismissed.

By the time these women get to me they feel exhausted from the conventional medical model, they have usually spent a lot of money and seen a lot of different specialists. Some have even already explored “alternative” medicine treatments and looked into more naturopathic modalities, yet they are still confused and overwhelmed.

When we meet, we start by going over their health history. This is a very extensive history that covers health, exposures, relationships, traumas and much much back to as early in childhood as they can remember. It all matters. As we dive deep into symptoms, I begin to evaluate what functional medicine lab testing we need to do to get a clearer picture of root cause imbalances. All these labs can be done from the comfort of their home.

Gut and hormone health are definitely my #1 area and gut is arguably 90%+. You get the gut right, most everything else falls into place.

After the lab tests are completed, as we wait for the results, all my clients are encouraged to a 21 day functional medicine liver detox. This is not some crazy cleanse that leaves you rushing to the restroom. This is a true, gentle, liver detox that uses vitamins, minerals and herbs to support phase 1 and phase 2 of liver detoxification. You must clean out the years of “gunk” in order to prime your body for the minerals and nutrients to rebalance the body. The 21 day detox usually gives the client some very quick results, teaches them a healthy diet, as well as massively cleans up the terrain.

As the client is

finishing up the detox we should receive the results to any labs that were ordered. I review the labs in great detail and then the client and I get back together to discuss the results. I recommend supplements and protocols based on the results of the tests. Most of the supplements are to be used for a short time as we rebalance the body.

In addition to the supplements and protocols we are working through the DESTRESS protocol which was developed by Dr. Stephen Cabral. The DESTRESS protocol addresses:



Stress reduction

Toxin removal




Success mindset

All of those things have a major impact on your health and cannot be overlooked. There are no magic supplements or quick fixes. These women did not get sick or develop symptoms overnight and it will take time to get their body back in balance. Typically you can estimate 1 month of healing for each year you have experience of symptoms. It can be shorter, it can be longer but this seems to be a pretty average estimation.

The supplements are just that, they supplement a healthy diet and clean lifestyle. I understand that supplements are easier but they will not give you the results you are seeking and will not make up for a bad diet, too little exercise, high stress, toxin exposures, negative mindset and poor rest.

As a coach I help simplify the information into chunks that you can work with and help keep you on track. I am a partner on the journey. These women do not go at it alone.

As you can tell, we focus beyond what goes in your mouth and your overall well being. It is simple but not easy. Sometimes I talk to women that are not quite ready either mentally or financially and that is ok. Everyone’s journey is different but I can assure that when you make the investment to address root cause imbalances, you’ll never regret it! You can feel well again!

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