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The Wahls Protocol

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine

-Terry Wahls, M.D.

Dr. Terry Wahls has been in numerous documentaries I have watched about functional medicine and using food to heal. I have been anxious to read her book and our local library had a copy. I do not have MS but the foods and science that help you after a diagnosis, I believe, can also help you prevent disease and create an environment in which your body can thrive.

After Dr. Wahls started suffering severe symptoms from her MS, she dove deep into what nutrients are needed for the body to thrive. Referencing Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning where he states that we all have a choice about how we respond to events in our lives, Dr. Wahls says “After I was diagnosed with MS, I resolved to get up every day, go to work, and do my job, however fatigued I was.”

Our bodies are made of cells. Cells need the proper nutrients to survive and those nutrients come from the food you eat. If you deprive your cells of certain nutrients you could affect your future health.

“I challenge you to stop believing everything you read and everything everyone tells you, and to learn something about biology and biochemistry so you can make your own decisions.”

Dr. Wahls was conventionally trained but soon realized she had to take a functional medicine approach and look at the whole person. Dr. Wahls not only addresses your diet but also states the importance of becoming focused. You must have the right state of mind to be successful adopting a program such as this. She also breaks the diet into 3 phases. This helps you make a gradual transition or to select the phase that is most necessary for your current state of health.

We often accept certain diseases and ailments as something to be expected because it runs in the family, but your genes do not completely drive your health. “…genes are not your destiny. You get to decide how you live, and that means you have a lot of control over which genes will become active.”

If you are already dealing with an illness you still have time to turn things around or slow the progression. Dr. Wahls was gradually able to get out of her wheelchair, walk, interact with her family and ride her bike. She is not cured, but is living a full life without the severe symptoms of MS.

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