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Joys of Working from Home

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Due to COVID19 I have been working from home now for a month. While the reason to be at home is not a positive one, I have really enjoyed my time. Here are some of my favorite things about working from home:

1. My kids. I was not able to be a stay at home mom so this extra time with my kids has been special. I feel fortunate I have been able to help them with their distance learning. Prior to the stay at home order they had already started distance learning and I was getting a ton of calls throughout the day to help them. It has been nice to be more accessible to them. They also rediscovered our backyard and play out there each day. It has been a while since they have spent a significant amount of time out there.

2. Cooking. I really like to cook most of the time but after working all day and running kids around, sometimes I am just too tired. It has been nice to have the energy to cook regularly.

3. Exercise. Usually I must exercise at 5 or 6AM to get it in before the kids are up and before work. While home I have been able to do walks or online classes over the lunch hour. I do not have to worry about drive time or getting sweaty. I still have time to eat lunch in there as well.

4. Comfort. I can wear joggers and t-shirts and do not have to do hair or make-up. I love being able to just be completely comfortable.

5. Sunshine. I can set my computer up on our front porch or back patio and work outside in the sun for a while. When you work in an office there seems to be many days you do not get outside at all. The sunshine really helps my mood.

6. Laundry. I do not wait till the weekend to do all my laundry. I can put a load in the wash in the morning, switch to dryer sometime during the day and then fold in the evening. It is nice to not spend every Saturday and Sunday doing a ton of laundry.

Even during difficult times there are things we can be grateful for. While I am anxious for some things to get back to “normal”, if I am being honest, there are many that I wish would not. I would love to be able to continue working from home. It just feels more peaceful and I do not feel as exhausted at the end of the day. I do not look forward to busy schedules. Running around from school to work to activities is exhausting. This forced slow down has been good for my spirit. I will definitely miss this time with my kids. Hearing them play together, being able to answer their questions throughout the day and the extra hugs.

I would love to hear what you will miss!

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