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January's Elimination Diet

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions but I do love the fresh start that comes with a new year. This year I decided that January was going to be a dry one for me and I was going to complete an elimination diet for 30 days. I had been drinking 2 glasses of wine every night after work and found myself craving it. I decided that was probably not the best craving to have. I needed a break.

Years ago, I did an elimination diet when I started Paleo. After it, I dropped a lot of my baby weight and kept it off. When my pain was off the charts, I was taking Lyrica which did help the pain but caused me to gain 35-40 lbs. No matter what I was doing, I just could not get anymore weight to budge. In order to determine if any of it was caused by inflammation and to reset my metabolism, I decided it was time to do another round of an elimination diet. As I write this, I am on day 25 and have dropped 5 lbs. I think it could have been more if I was able to exercise more but the first part of the month I was dealing with a bad cold then the other day I took a few spills on the ice that bruised my tailbone and I have been in a lot of pain.

So, on the elimination diet I have eliminated all processed food, dairy, sugar and grains. Dairy has probably been the hardest and that is only because I love cheese! Aside from dropping a few pounds I do feel I am thinking clearer and have more energy. I am definitely missing my pizza! The tricky thing is coming off the elimination diet. In order to know if any foods were affecting me, I can only add 1 back at a time. As you can probably guess, cheese will be the first thing added back. Since I try to eat fairly clean anyway, this round has been easier than the first time I did it, but I also wonder if that is why I have not seen more drastic changes. The reality is that there may be more changes internally that I would only be able to see with bloodwork. That will be coming soon but there are also some mental shifts that I need to highlight. There have been many times I wanted to go ahead and quit because I just wanted to grab some convenience food but then I tell myself that I made the commitment to myself and I need to see it through. Also, as a Health Coach, I will support many people that are doing an elimination diet and I want the struggles and fears to be at the front of my mind so I can support them. It is not easy, but it is worth it. You will most likely experience physical changes and be able to determine if a certain food is bothering you. You will also be very proud of yourself for completing the challenge and knowing you can stick to hard things. It is only 30 days and it’s FREE. If 30 days helps you listen to your body so you can adjust your diet to feel better, isn’t it worth it?

If you have completed, attempted or thought about trying an elimination diet, I would love to hear your thoughts, challenges and successes!

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