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  • Jenny Cathcart

Intimitdated by a New Diet

Beginning a new way of eating can be really intimidating. First you might be excited. You have seen and heard of others getting the results you desire. Or you feel sad because you think of all the foods you can’t eat. Then eventually there is the overwhelm of what food to buy and how to work it into your life.

Years ago when I decided to eat the Paleo way, I started off very unsure of what I would eat. I did a lot of reading and researching and eventually settled on ways to make it work for me. Currently I am doing the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) with is basically Paleo minus a bunch of the easy stuff you can have with Paleo. It is super restrictive and only meant for the short term. When my doctor suggested it, I was immediately overwhelmed because I knew just enough about it to know it was going to be a challenge.

After letting myself feel the overwhelm, I broke things down and tried to simplify it. I thought of when I started Paleo and tried to pull from what worked for me then.

KEEP IT SIMPLE! When you are changing your diet there can be a lot of emotions that go with that. Your food doesn’t have to be the enemy. Here are some ideas that have helped me:

1. Keep a veggie tray to keep in the fridge for quick snacks. You can make your own or purchase one at the grocery store.

2. Wash all your produce as soon as you get home from the store so they are ready to eat. This takes some extra time but it is totally worth it to save a few minutes before cooking.

3. Cook extra meat. When you grill out or put meat in the crockpot, make extra than can easily be reheated or added to a salad.

4. Play with salads. Buy different lettuce mixes, top with leftover veggies from dinner, make your own dressings. There are some many ways to make a quick salad that is beautiful and delicious.

5. Find a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). I use one that delivers a box of fresh produce to me each week. This has always been a great way to try vegetables I would have never bought at the store. When they put something in I have never had, I google some recipes and have fun trying new tastes. If you can not find a CSA, challenge yourself to buy 1 new fruit or vegetable every time you shop.

6. Make it a hobby. This will not work for everyone but for me, I found if I made my cooking a hobby, really exploring food, it was fun to prepare whole foods. I have always enjoyed cooking so this wasn’t a stretch and I do think that my enjoyment in the kitchen helped.

7. Go to social media and clean-up. Find accounts to follow that inspire you and motivate you. As you come across accounts that make you feel stressed or annoyed…unfollow!

8. Find a friend or a health coach. Having someone to share recipes with, talk about the struggles, and celebrate your accomplishments with, is priceless.

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