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  • Jenny Cathcart

I Was Brainwashed

So today I was on a Zoom call with my business coach and another one of her clients. We were talking about our message. This week I did an exercise where I just freely wrote why I became a health coach. What gets me fired up, my rant. There are a few reasons why I wanted to become a coach, but the exercise took me back to the very beginning. 10-11 years ago, when I became really interested in Paleo and wanted to see if eating that way would work for me. When I started learning about Paleo, I found it so interesting that I kept going deeper and deeper. I began learning about how food is grown, who profits from what is grown, what drove the creation of the food pyramid and what chemicals are allowed in manufacturing processed food. What I found angered me. I felt duped.

The way we were taught to eat, what was “healthy”, what causes weight gain (remember hearing to count calories and fat grams and it is all about calories in and calories out) and how the food pyramid had been constructed. It had nothing to do with our health and everything to do with lining pockets of politicians, interest groups and large corporations. It was the realization that I had always thought I could trust the info that was provided to me. Knowing what I know now I realize how ridiculous it is and I am grateful that I have learned so much and know how to do my own research. I am part of that generation that grew up as processed food was becoming a bigger thing. All the packages that said low fat, whole grain, heart healthy, etc. I had been brainwashed. Certain crops are subsidized so we have a surplus and they are used for all kinds of things and not because they are good for you.

Take corn for instance. The US produces so much corn. It is used for alcohol, corn syrup for all your processed foods, oils, fuel…the list is almost endless. But the corn could be genetically modified and most of the time is sprayed full of pesticides. Good health and accomplishing weight loss are more than counting calories and fat. The way the food is grown, and the chemicals being used can create inflammation which will keep you from shedding pounds and drive the activation of many autoimmune disease. In my world we like to say that your genetics load the gun, but your diet and lifestyle will pull the trigger. If you are not feeling well or not getting the results you want, it is time to look deeper. And stop blaming yourself, you have been brainwashed too!

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