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  • Jenny Cathcart

He Gets Me

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

If you have ever dealt with an illness or something traumatic, you know that the people around you either hold you up or knock you down further. The man you saw in the picture is my rock. He always holds me up. He has a way of calming pretty much every worry I have.

Over the years as I have dealt with chronic nerve pain he has always been there. He never questioned doctors I wanted to see or treatments I wanted to try (other than for my sefety of course). He is a very conservative guy and when I have wanted to try many alternative treatments, he never blinked an eye. He even went on some of those appointments with me. He knew how much pain I was in and he wanted it to be better. Tens of thousands of our dollars have been used trying to get me out of pain and more comfortable. I know he does this because he truly loves me. He sees our marriage as a partnership and it is “we”, not “I”.

Now I am not here to pretend it is all roses all the time. We have plenty of arguments and disagreements too, but we share loyalty and we share a commitment to our marriage.

After having gone through these trials with pain, I have reflected many times on how important it has been to have my husband by my side. In my younger years I didn’t always make the best choices with the men I dated. It was usually more about fun than commitment. I suppose that is what your 20’s are for, right? But somehow, I ended up with exactly who I needed and still need. He gets me. He gets me more than I get me! It would be easy to lose patience with my struggles, to be frustrated with the money that has poured out of our pockets or to be irritated with picking up the slack at home when I could not do anything extra. But he never did.

I know there are women out there struggling that do not have the support system at home that I do. If you are struggling and do not have the support you need at home I hope that you will have the courage to ask for it and if needed, lean on a sister, your mother, a friend. If you are not in a relationship, may I offer you advice. When you do find someone you are excited about, think about how that person would respond in times of trials in your life. Will they stay committed through the hard times because hard times will come. Be lovers, but be friends and partners too. Losses happen, jobs, friends, loved ones, health…you need a strong partner to get through those times. Marry wisely my friends!

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