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  • Jenny Cathcart

Common Does Not Equal Normal

Is it normal or is it just common?

I hear many of the same things from clients. They are tired or lack energy. They are either constipated or struggle with diarrhea or upset stomach. They deal with bloating or indigestion. Many have been told their thyroid is off. They may have dry skin or they may deal with adult acne.

Most have been told it’s normal. They're older now so these things happen. They have young kids and are not getting well rested and that is normal for this phase of life. They are told to just stay away from foods that upset their stomach and if they can’t go, get some Miralax and drink it every day. Or they may be put on a prescription to alleviate or minimize the symptoms.

On the inside a voice is whispering, “this is not normal”. “I really don’t think I am supposed to feel this way.” “Why won’t my doctor listen to me?” “Can’t they just figure this out.” “I just don’t feel like myself anymore.” “I want to be happy.” I want to feel good in my clothes.” I want to have the energy to do things for myself, not just what has to be done.”

I can assure you, the voices in your head that say those things are normal but dealing with those symptoms is not normal at all. They can be pretty common but they certainly are not normal.

Women typically make their way to me after many years of feeling off and never really getting any answers. They feel like their concerns have been minimized and have started to believe they are just going to have to accept feeling this way. There really is a reason for the symptoms and I work together with my client to ask “why” until we get to the root cause and there are no more “why’s” to ask.

What I learned over the years is that conventional medicine does a great job finding disease once it is there but it does not do a great job preventing disease or catching things before they become an issue. This leaves women suffering for many years until things have gone so wrong, they can now be diagnosed with a particular disease.

This is in no way intended to dis conventional medicine. When it comes to acute care, it is great, but for overall health and root cause imbalances, it lacks a lot.

So what can you do if you are dealing with symptoms that you cannot seem to find an answer for? The #1 thing I can say is keep looking. Don’t ever accept it as “normal”. There are too many great experiences to be had in life to simply settle for feeling less than your best. The answers can be found. It will most likely be a journey to peel back layer by layer but eventually you will uncover where they are imbalances. If you need support, DM me. I’ve not only helped my clients but I have helped myself.

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