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  • Jenny Cathcart

10 Tips for Guiltless Holidays

If you have made progress on your wellness journey or if you have recently started, the holidays can become a stressful time. You may have a good routine down and you worry that family and social gatherings will completely derail your progress.

First and foremost I would like to say that your opportunity to gather with friends and family is extremely important to your overall wellness so I encourage you to go, that is assuming it is not a bunch of people that completely drain your energy, but that is a topic for another day!

I have 10 tips to be prepared and maintain your progress.

  1. Continue to stick to your workout schedule. If an event falls on a workout day, stick to the workout. If it is a rest day, you still want to be conscious of getting in your steps.

  2. Water! Lots of water. A minimum you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces. When you know you will indulge a bit, take in extra water.

  3. Eat before. This will allow you to select nourishing foods and fill you up a bit before you are faced with all the foods at the gathering.

  4. Consider hosting at your house so you can plan the menu.

  5. If you are celebrating at the home of someone else, bring a dish of something that fits within your nutritional needs and preferences so you can fill your plate with it.

  6. When building your plate, be sure to make at least half your plate veggies.

  7. Choose beverages wisely. If you can, bring your own beverages. If you would like to have some alcoholic drinks, consider better choices like an organic wine. And be mindful of how much you are drinking. Drinking too much can set you up for disaster the day after as well.

  8. Sleep. Try to get home early. The more hours before midnight you can go to sleep, the better. Getting good sleep will help make it easier to get back in your routine the following day.

  9. If you suspect you may get some pressure from other guests to indulge in something, be prepared with a few different, polite, responses so you are not caught off guard. A simple no thank you can work. Never forget that no is a complete sentence. I often have people around me making comments about me “eating healthy”. I have begun to mention that the way I am eating is the way we are meant to eat so why do they have a problem with it? They usually reply because the other tastes good or we all gotta die of something. I let them do their little uncomfortable laugh and they usually then change the subject or walk away. I think I’ll do another video about dealing with naysayers around you while on your journey but for now, think of some responses in advance so you will be prepared. And remember, we have been conditioned to show love and caring with food and not always with the types of foods we should be eating.

  10. Don’t beat yourself up. If you indulge a little more than you had planned, get over it and remember, tomorrow is a new day!

Anytime you are challenged in your journey, remind yourself why you are doing it.

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